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OK, i've decided to become more organized here and have added a new tagging system (ty stellarmoneca for letting me steal it.) I spent HOURS going through every post since the birth of this comm and tagging things appropriately. I may go back sometime when i'm bored and make even more specific tags (i have no life) but i think this will do for now. I would REALLY appreciate it if everyone included tags every time you post, because it would make my life much easier. I'm going to make a list of the tags we currently have, and i'll put a link to this post on the sidebar of the main pg so it's easy to find. If you are unsure how to tag something, please ask a mod.


!friending meme
!mod post
!partner: emile hirsch web

.actor: robert pattinson
.actress: kristen stewart
.director: catherine hardwicke

.film festivals
.out and about

.general news
.dvd release
.magazine scans

.movie: alpha dog
.movie: gargantua
.movie: imaginary heroes
.movie: into the wild
.movie: lords of dogtown
.movie: milk
.movie: speed racer
.movie: taking woodstock
.movie: the air i breathe
.movie: the girl next door
.movie: the mudge boy

.off topic
.tv schedules

we also have ot tags you're more than welcome to use, some of our favorites:

i accidentally emile hirsch

Emile Hirsch Pictures, Images and Photos
Tags: !mod post, !tag list, bonnie did it, i accidentally emile hirsch, i love elly, i love michelle
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