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Watch: Emile Hirsch-Directed Video For Daft Punk’s ‘Alive’ (Sorry, No Lightcycles Here)

Emile Hirsch has been keeping a low profile of late. He hasn’t been seen on screen since 2009’s “Taking Woodstock,” but he’ll be making his way back to screens later this year with the alien invasion flick “The Darkest Hour.” He’s also got the William Friedkin dark comedy “Killer Joe” likely to do festival rounds at the very least sometime this year. So what is he doing until then? Directing Daft Punk videos, it seems.

The actor revealed the clip on YouTube today and it’s…interesting. For any remaining “Tron: Legacy” fanboys expecting lightcycles, a campy Michael Sheen and skin-tight jumpsuit-clad Olivia Wilde you might want to look elsewhere. This is one pure bro-town with two dudes skating, pumping iron, taking vitamins and then facing each other in a dance off. So yeah, it’s a little strange but pretty fun in a demented way as well.

So turn up the speakers and let it go. No word yet if this is an official spot or some random thing Hirsch made on his own time. But either way, making a video for a song that’s 10 years old is sort of weird. [via Vulture]

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